Pinnacle Health

Let’s be honest, the healthcare system in the United States is broken. Traditional insurance-based providers focus on treating acute illnesses and chronic diseases. It is not necessarily the providers fault, as their patients are scheduled in 10-to-15-minute slots. This time restriction barely allows time to review a real history and treat any urgent issues, much less discuss health promotion. Our cash-based model of care allows our providers time to assist clients in developing a wellness plan. The goal is not to throw prescriptions at symptoms which cause more symptoms. We strive for optimal wellness and vitality for the present and years to come.

Our Provider

Christine Ramsing, FNP-BC

Christine Ramsing, FNP-BC is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse who holds a national board certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She earned her Master’s Degree in Upstate New York where she grew up and worked most of her life. With over 30 years of nursing experience in a variety of settings from acute inpatient care to several years in primary care and women’s health at the Veterans administration, she has a unique perspective of healthcare.

With this knowledge came the understanding that traditional healthcare often fails patients and does not provide the best options for care. She began researching a functional medicine approach and received additional education from the Institute of Functional Medicine and The Academy of Preventative and Innovative Medicine. Prior to moving to the Venice area, she worked for 18 months at a prominent clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina where she was trained in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy including pellet placement.

Christine is known for her individualized, scientifically based and personalized care of her patients. She makes a genuine connection with her clients taking into consideration not just the body but also the connection to the mind and spirit. Patients have been known to say treatment with this model of care is life changing. She plans to continue to use her experience and expertise in Venice to assist her patients to achieve optimal wellness.