Pinnacle Health

Let’s be honest, the healthcare system in the United States is broken. Traditional insurance-based providers focus on treating acute illnesses and chronic diseases. It is not necessarily the providers fault, as their patients are scheduled in 10-to-15-minute slots. This time restriction barely allows time to review a real history and treat any urgent issues, much less discuss health promotion. Our cash-based model of care allows our providers time to assist clients in developing a wellness plan. The goal is not to throw prescriptions at symptoms which cause more symptoms. We strive for optimal wellness and vitality for the present and years to come. 

All of our staff lives locally and works on site in the office. They come to know the patients as individuals and are excited to see their progress. Patients have commented how they enjoy coming in to the office because of our welcoming staff and positive, friendly environment. Our small, local clinic treats hundreds not thousands of clients which allows us the opportunity to individualize your care. We keep our costs lower than other clinics by not spending thousands every month on advertising as our reputation speaks for itself. Our new patients are often referrals from other patients or local physicians and nurse practitioners who see their patients’ health improve after working with our team.  


Christine Ramsing, FNP-BC

Christine Ramsing, FNP-BC is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse who holds a national board certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She earned her Master’s Degree in Upstate New York where she grew up and worked until 2020. She then accepted a position in a prominent clinic in Charlotte, North Carolina where she trained and worked for 18 months prior to moving to Florida in 2022. With over 30 years of nursing experience in a variety of settings from acute inpatient care to several years in primary care and women’s health at the Veterans administration, she has a unique perspective of healthcare.

She came to understand that traditional healthcare often fails patients and does not provide the best options for care. She began researching a functional medicine approach and received additional education from the Institute of Functional Medicine, The Academy of Preventative and Innovative Medicine, Harvard and A4M. Her additional training and years of experience include medical weight loss, men’s testosterone replacement therapy and women’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, specifically BHRT pellet procedures. 

Christine is known for her individualized, scientifically based and personalized care of her patients. She makes a genuine connection with her clients taking into consideration not just the body but also the connection to the mind and spirit. Patients have been known to say treatment with this model of care is life changing. She has provided care to her community since opening her clinic the Spring of 2022 and is proud to be a locally owned and operated small clinic. 

Christine and her husband who retired as a Lt. Colonel with the New York State Police love the outdoor life in Florida especially boating. She has a daughter who is a registered dietitian in Colorado. And her son is a computer engineering student at USF in Tampa as well as an army reservist. They enjoy spending time together especially traveling when can find the time with their busy schedules.    

Julie Garver, FNP-C

Julie Garver, FNP-C is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with over 30 years of nursing experience. She earned her master’s degree from The University of Cincinnati and has worked in a variety of different areas throughout her nursing career, including hospital acute care, cardiology step down, nursing case management, and home health. 
Before relocating from Ohio to the sunny shores of Florida, Julie worked for a large Gastroenterology Practice, and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our clinic. With a background in treating a myriad of digestive diseases, Julie understands the intricate relationship between gut health and overall wellness. She believes in a holistic approach to weight loss, combining evidence-based medical knowledge with personalized care and support. This allows us to offer comprehensive weight loss solutions tailored to your individual needs. 
Outside of the clinic, Julie enjoys reading and many outdoor activities, such as fishing, golf, kayaking, and gardening. Above all, Julie cherishes quality time spent with her family.

Eileen Kilbane, RN

Eileen Kilbane, RN is a Registered Nurse with 45 years of nursing experience mostly as a Certified Critical Care Nurse. She obtained her degree at the College of Staten Island. She went on to obtain her certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Stroke Care. Although most of Eileen’s career was in critical care, she has always had an interest in holistic care which led her to obtain her certification in auricular acupuncture while working in addiction medicine.

Eileen retired from the hospital in the spring of 2022 and moved to Florida where she plans to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. She enjoys going to the beach and spending time with her husband and friends. She loves when her children and grandson can visit.  

Kristina Ericksen, LPN

Kristina finished her education in 2020 and received her nursing license in January of 2021. Prior to that she worked as a pharmacy tech for over 7 years.

Kristina describes nursing for her as “not a career, more of a calling”.  She speaks of passion and purpose and enjoys bringing happiness to the office. We agree that her demeanor and smile can make your day!

On a personal level, Kristina moved to Florida in 2015 and enjoys all the outdoor recreation. Active with paddleboarding, biking and visiting the beautiful parks and springs of Florida, she is enjoying sharing this time her young son.

Lisa Wells, BA

Lisa Wells joined Pinnacle Health as our office manager shortly after relocating to Florida from Massachusetts. Lisa brings with her a career spent developing small businesses and the people who work in them. She has a passion for operations and processes, enjoys interacting with a variety of people and personalities, and considers herself a life-long learner.

In her off hours she can be found spending time with family, tending to her plant collection, and discovering Florida with her husband. A proud mother of two, she has a daughter who is a high school history teacher, and a son serving in the US Navy.

Brenna Smith, Patient Care Assistant

Brenna Smith is a licensed Esthetician and currently in nursing school at Arizona College of Nursing, located in Sarasota, Florida to receive an RN/BSN degree. She has been practicing Esthetics for almost 2 years and is eager to expand her career into Aesthetics Nursing. Brenna has a passion to help others build their healthy lifestyle and bring back self-confidence. She joined Pinnacle Health as the patient care assistant to help patients with their care needs. Brenna has lived in Florida for most of her life and enjoys going to the beach, traveling, hot yoga, reading, taking her dogs on nature walks and spending time with family.