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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Men start producing less testosterone in their early 30s and the level continues to decline 1-2% every year. More recently environmental toxins and sedentary lifestyles have contributed to this decline. By age 55 over 50% of men will experience clinically decreased levels of testosterone.

Signs of low T include:

Men who receive Testosterone Replacement Therapy typically see significant improvements in these symptoms. Our provider works with our clients to devise an individually focused program to improve vitality and sustain optimal health and wellness for years to come.


Sexual Health

Improved Body composition and Cardiovascular Health


Are you suffering from irritability, anxiety or depression?

Has a significant other or friend said “You don’t seem to be yourself lately”? (Or let’s be honest a spouse might be a little more vocal and direct than that!). When testosterone levels decrease as men age, they may notice a change in their behavior. Restoring natural testosterone levels could help to stabilize your mood and improve your mental clarity. Treatment may return you to an optimal level of functioning and provide an overall sense of wellness.

Sexual Health:

Has your libido diminished? Are you having difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection?

Although this is a natural part of aging as testosterone levels diminish, you do not have to suffer and give up on a healthy sex life. By replacing your natural testosterone levels with bioidentical hormones quite often men will see improvement in their sexual desire, erections and stamina.

Improved Body composition and Cardiovascular Health:

Do you have a loss of muscle mass despite not changing your routine? Are your work out recoveries harder?

Several studies have determined low testosterone levels contribute to decreased muscle strength and bone loss. Additionally, deficient testosterone levels are commonly associated with increased body fat, especially in the abdominal area. Testosterone Therapy may improve your muscle mass and strength, decrease body fat as well as promote healthy bones. Not only will this help you to look and feel better but reduced “belly” decreases the risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

How do you know if you may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy?

A simple blood test along with a review of your symptoms with our provider will determine if you may benefit from testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone is available in a cream or an injection you can be taught to administer in your own home.
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Our Services:

Our monthly Testosterone Replacement Therapy package is $149 and includes necessary blood work, ongoing follow up via office visits,
phone calls or messaging, testosterone and supplies. As well as discounts on supplements, vitamin injections and additional products .

Initial comprehensive evaluation is $200 and includes first month’s membership. Blood work required prior to appointment.